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  • About Gann: some ideas

    The work of Gann is indeed very interesting it is the result of so...in their hard - drives. But on the other hand if Gann had an odge during his lifesp...fundamentally different from the markets in which Gann has practices his methods. S...

    3115 days ago

  • Best MQ4 coders

    ...r => for his EAs FerruFx => his own develpment are very well styled igorad => for Fractal Channell and many good stuffs Yousky Soft for Gann indies David W thomas for go...

    3117 days ago


  • EA Gann High Low Activator

    I made my own EA Gann High Low Activator. It is based on the indicator Gann High Low activator SSL from the code base. You can download...he picture and you will understand. If the Close is < the Gann High Low Activator indicator...

    3115 days ago

Wire posts

  • never heard about Gann's pyramid ?? => Check this http://www.tribuforex.fr/Apprendre_pyramide_Gann.php (it's in french so, translate it)

    3152 days ago


  • GANN addicters

    GANN addicters

    Hi Did you ever heard about Gann ? Well, this system is amazing but I still od not know how to use it. IS there anyone here able to deal with ?

    3116 days ago


  • Comment on "About Gann: some ideas"

    By the way as you can see the High - Low activator produce results that are similar than brain trend. In fact after Gann, Wilder is the next guy with a great inpact over the trading...

    3115 days ago

  • Comment on "accurate manual trading system"

    ...ens it is Larry Williams.  I see also the Gann high low activator. Together...ve 3 contracts. You enter when the slow filter: Ganna activator and bars give you...t when you have a main signal from the bars and Gann Activator. In order that to...

    3473 days ago