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  • ZORO-TRADER Great stuff

    go watch the video on their website  http://www.zorro-trader.com/ Zorro - Free Trading...nds or cycles. It uses this information for short-term price pr...xploit the financial markets. For this it contains a trading strat...normally available to private traders (learn more here). All...

    3335 days ago

  • choose FXVM ! There are very professional

    ...scopy 100 ms 15 ms ECM Trader 6 ms 1 ms Excel Mar...nFX ECN Pro 1 ms 72 ms Forex.com 5 ms 82 ms ForexClub 7 ms 84 ms Fx Choic...rstone 1 ms 98 ms ProfiForex 1 ms 67 ms RoboForex 1...Swissquote 120 ms 6 ms TradersWay 170 ms 8 ms Vantag...

    3322 days ago

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  • New and a couple questions!

    Hey all, My name is Jason and I'm a part time Forex Trader in the great state of Texas (USA)!  I've been reading tons of threads by John Last and I have a question: 1. What's the most rec...

    4074 days ago

  • Price patterns detected by the PRS

    ...hat it can be a valuable tool for the pattern trader not in the sense that it w...akes sense to scan the entire forex for patterns.  The pa...ne of the strategies is based for the take profit levels: -to...h that and look what may work for autochartist pattern recognition...

    4465 days ago

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  • Phase Space Singularities

    The theory is that the market is no...tors, cycle attractors etc.). For example when we see some numb...have good results. The human trader judgement is blown out the...se space singularity is scary for the public policy makers, bec...fail one after another on the Forex market.Sometimes the Singulari...

    4015 days ago

  • Another article about intuition and trading

    Here in this artcle I try to make the connection between the general progression of a trader according to Daryl Guppy. Eve...

    4583 days ago

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  • who is the best trader? => http://www.learntotradethemarket.com/forex-articles/most-successful-price-action-trader-in-history-munehisa-homma

    3912 days ago

  • http://www.stevehopwoodforex.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2636 news trader by unclepips / aaron P

    3941 days ago

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  • Detecting Cycles on market => Goertzel and Bartels test

    Detecting Cycles on market => Goertzel and Bartels test

    What says Lars Von Thienen in his book "Decod...ble to develop my own reliable method for measuring cycles in financial...an engeneer, software degveloper and trader, I have been able to develop this method into an add-on for Wave59 (sic)    ...

    4106 days ago

  • For new traders

    For new traders

    A friend of mine told, you know John you write nice things but if I was new I would...he. Just tell me where to start here! Write the alternative guide to the newby trader, the real thing, the ugly tru...

    4507 days ago

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  • Looking for a trader

    An Hedge Fund based in France, is looking for a trader for several weeks for one of their customer account. If you have confirmed tracks, apply by sending me a message at jaguar1637@yahoo.com  rgds

    Tags: Looking for a trader

    4087 days ago