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  • New and a couple questions!

    Hey all, My name is Jason and I'm a part time Forex Trader in the great state of Texas (USA)!  I've been reading tons of threads by John Last and I have a question: 1. What's the most rec...

    4112 days ago

  • Price patterns detected by the PRS

    ...hat it can be a valuable tool for the pattern trader not in the sense that it w...akes sense to scan the entire forex for patterns.  The pa...ne of the strategies is based for the take profit levels: -to...h that and look what may work for autochartist pattern recognition...

    4502 days ago

  • Help I am a psychopat trader!

    Help I need some help after reading this article. About traders which happen to be psychopats at zerohedge.

    4627 days ago