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  • who is the best trader? => http://www.learntotradethemarket.com/forex-articles/most-successful-price-action-trader-in-history-munehisa-homma

    3004 days ago

  • http://www.stevehopwoodforex.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2636 news trader by unclepips / aaron P

    3033 days ago

  • A trader in relation w/ brittish banks just told me that EUR/USD should reach 1.5000 , may more 1.6000 in a few months

    3233 days ago

  • A trader can never say that he has achieved success but only that he survived. A black swan is always around the corner. Tomasini

    3265 days ago

  • Yep, I presume this trader trades on Daily news, w/ the help of a few indicators

    3268 days ago

  • The trader asks a russian developper to build a system to send signals to client's EA. That's all folks !

    3268 days ago

  • LOL maybe not, but Lauren Anderson has never been indexed in Google as forex trader.

    3280 days ago

  • 'A trader should be absolutely comfortable with understanding the algorithm,- because an algorithm is just his tool.'A.Kazakov

    3522 days ago

  • Have a nice week-end and do not forget http://beathespread.com/blog/view/2161/time-management-are-you-a-profitable-trader-hmm-calculate-your-alternative-costs-

    3622 days ago