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  • Detecting Cycles on market => Goertzel and Bartels test

    Detecting Cycles on market => Goertzel and Bartels test

    What says Lars Von Thienen in his book "Decod...ble to develop my own reliable method for measuring cycles in financial...an engeneer, software degveloper and trader, I have been able to develop this method into an add-on for Wave59 (sic)    ...

    3198 days ago

  • For new traders

    For new traders

    A friend of mine told, you know John you write nice things but if I was new I would...he. Just tell me where to start here! Write the alternative guide to the newby trader, the real thing, the ugly tru...

    3599 days ago

  • EA_TickWare


    Well, I got this idea from a long tim...he most difficult thing to perform w/ MT4 (this is not an HFT s...ll period of time, is the key for mastering this subject. Bein...the start loop,once proceed. For one minute, that gives 300 da...new plateform which is : Pro Trader 3 there is a need for this k...

    2674 days ago