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  • EUR/USD Fundamental News

    Here I can add some insights that I find interesting regarding the news releases and some fundamental data relevant for EUR/USD.

    2392 days ago

  • News for the EUR/CHF

    It looks kie the Swiss central nank is going again to support the CHF. SNB's Hildebrand says ready to take further action on CHF if warranted by outlook, deflationary pressure

    2855 days ago

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  • 16 trading Igor's biography Part 1

    ...e me realize that I no longer needed to depend on the mass hyste...also bearish.The feeling and knowledge that I could be in contr...click of a mouse.Little did I know that this was only the very b...And this for 7 days per week. Needles to say that my beautiful w...

    2789 days ago

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  • Hedge Funds have created the riding up wave, and now, they short the bitcoinsand they publish as much they could bad and negative news about

    561 days ago

  • Happy New Year 2017 ! let's go for rare news about financial stuff and forex

    957 days ago

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  • Hedge with AVA MT4

    Hedge with AVA MT4

    Hi All Very good news. Now, AVA FX allows you to trade plenty of shares and currencies !!! YEP There is a way to win money by hedging on several instruments. I will put in at...

    2667 days ago


  • Need to Know News

    from http://www.linkedin.com/company/need-to-know-news-llc Need to Know News (NTKN), a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group, is a fully accredited U.S. financial news agency focused on delivering fast and accurate data for algorithmic trading. NTKN supplies customers with fi...

    Tags: Need to Know News

    2195 days ago