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  • Neely River Theory

    ...ading (“The Commodities Futures Game”) to every finan...compares the seemingly random action of traders in a market to tha...er.2. Independent of personal action, tracking the movement of all...ers will show the net result (prices) move “down stream&rdquo...

    2859 days ago


  • Algo Futures and the WOW index by Carl Weiss

    ...algorithms developed by Algo Futures that monitor each transaction in a particular market and ou...nferred. This ongoing ‘action and reaction’ activity...jor determinant of changes in Price in the short-term. When t...XX 50, & Crude electronic futures order flow momentum inte...

    3039 days ago



  • Strategy on price-action 3

    Here, this strategy shows Fibo lines expected for a SHORT In this picture, we expected a bearish trend coming soon. So, the Fibonacci lines shows the take Profit at each level reached I hope everything is clear.  

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    2800 days ago


  • Comment on "The Social Media Buy Signal"

    ...to Screen-Based Trading Human Action is a Direct Result of Your Be...ays to Managing Risk News and Price, A Relationship Often Misunders...he Old-Fashioned Way Advanced Price Action Analysis Some Thoughts on Trad...arter Important Resources for Futures Traders Market Traps, Novice...

    3055 days ago