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  • ATR and RSI very low on GBPAUD H1/H4/D1. A Long trade could be expected

    2175 days ago

  • here, this is the IFT_RSI_HP system for me. Needs a lot's of optimization, of course

    2512 days ago

  • Rapid-I has just released version 5.3 of RapidMiner. This new RapidMiner delivers more powerful data analysis, access to more data sources and a new connector to the Rapid-I Marketplace

    2678 days ago

  • RSI shows strength of the market, PFE shows direction. It's just a question of the number of shifted bars => A confirmation for fractals

    2700 days ago

  • The indicator IFT_RSIHPm (smoothed) is corrected, check the new release

    2715 days ago

  • Check out this : http://forexpipsfinder.com/training-1-diversity-secret nice and so simple

    2777 days ago

  • And too, the old indicators (RSI, CCI, STO and so one) are became useless, because the market is changing day after day

    2950 days ago

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    3162 days ago