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  • A Physicist in Wall Street

    This is a very ineteresting blog for the practical use of R and Rapid Miner for trading. There are some interesting new updates. However the learning curve is steep, however those instruments are state of the art and are very powerfull. You can consider some donnation to this site too.

    Tags: rapid miner, r

    4395 days ago

  • Support Vector Machine Prediction model of CCI in Rapid Miner

    Here I would like to add an image of an Support Vector Machine Prediction model of CCI in Rapid Miner. This is a basic model without testing what ever. I exported the CCI data with the expert. In fact this is a common CCI with 14 period. Then I used an operator fit trend in order to fit the ge...

    Tags: rapid miner

    4538 days ago

  • Indicator exporting values of SSA, CCI and IVAR in CSV file for use in Rapid Miner

    You can use those indicators to export history from Metatrader to a SCV file. Here Jaguar has added the possibility to export SSA normalized end - pointed, CCI and IVAR along with the High, Open, Low, Close.   You just need to modify the iCustom function to export whatever indicator you wa...

    Tags: Rapid miner

    4522 days ago

  • Day trading model with Rapid Miner

    Basically, if have seen and understood the Rapid miner tutorial  you can build a day trading system with Rapid Miner. How you can do it?  OK first watch the Tutorials that you can find here. http://www.neuralmarkettrends.com/index.php/tutorials The idea is to build the models by you...

    Tags: rapid miner

    4549 days ago

  • Extension possibility

    It is possible to write custom indicator readings in the CSV file, in that way they can be used for inputs of neural nets or SVM models.   

    Tags: custom indicators, rapid miner

    4553 days ago

  • Indicator for linking MT4 with Rapidminer

    Just install the indicator as a normal indicator. After install the indicator will start to write in the directory experts/indicators/files Here it will create different folders based on the time frame. In Rapid Miner All you need to do is to Use Read CSV and to use the Import congiguration wi...

    Tags: Meta Trader, Rapid Miner, integration, market data

    4522 days ago