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  • Market State Analysis and System Trading

    ...le analysis on the uptrend with trading solutions. In those examples I used commercial systems (Trading Solutions and Neuroshell Day Trader)...sibilities of overoptimization, Trading solutions is worth because it helps you...ve is a break - out. You have a trading range and you have a break - ou...

    3639 days ago

  • December 2011 tests of Elliotware with Neuroshell

    ...ysis of robustness by seeing if you are sitting on plateau of good solutions or a peak).  The firs...ht. Estimated 1 year return on account Optimization 151 % Paper Trading 90.9 % Trading 43.5 % 2. The second system is...

    3655 days ago

  • Elliotware with Trading Solutions

    ...re approach. This time I used Trading solutions software.  I use an e...for data link between MT4 and Trading Solutions software. The MT4 link upda...y generated csv to update the Trading Solutions history with every ne...example you can use MACD from Trading solutions as an input but you can preci...

    3691 days ago

  • Time management. Are you a profitable trader? Hmm.... calculate your alternative costs !!!

    ...also need that the time spent trading is more worth as your alterna...chieve a great success by any trading standrads. But it makes 2500...s at all costs! The possible solutions are: 1. To trade larger an...only a few hours per day for trading.  3. To trade with larger...

    3607 days ago

  • Dark pools against High Frequency Traders

    ...ave a bunch of high frequency trading robots all over the place. Th...o buy.  So what are the solutions from him. One of the solutions is to use himself a high freq...ith very suspicious eye. Dark trading is not what a regulator may lik...

    3698 days ago

  • Some Novel price based charts

    ...some meaningful increments makes sense than trading the time axis.....IMO. Momen...Hybrid Renko charts: http://www.innovative-trading-solutions-online.com/media/com_hikashop...Trend chart: http://www.innovative-trading-solutions-online.com/media/com_hikashop...

    3715 days ago

  • Stop with discretionary trading. Join the machines

    Here I add two screen shots with the Brain trend on the S...gine there is a space of the possible and correct solutions. If such a space exist many d...e a relatively simple phase space of the possible solutions the algorithms are able to fi...

    3717 days ago