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  • Trading methods: from Complexity to Simplicity and Back Again

    In our trading methods and experiments here on For...d then putting it into more complex trading strategies. This was the firs...algorythm or other ai learning way trading rules. However ithas been ar...solution, but in order to find that solutions we may need to map it into hi...

    3540 days ago

  • Chart patterns or Chaos attractors?

    ...aos, and the scientists do not understand the trading. As for me I do not understan...reover those attractors are not necessary for trading, it is better to use lower or...future price action and will set a new set of solutions. If a spike modifies the curr...

    3641 days ago

  • Practical limitations in the Neural net extrapolation

    ...ticular. Some may think that if they can use advanced machine learning solutions they can totally not take i...I think it is true if the model is base on tic data and high frequency trading there are other rules and princ...

    3698 days ago

  • Rapid Miner MT4 integration

    ...ogether with state of the art machine learning software. This cost several thousand dollars if you have to pay. It may be a free analogue of Trading solutions and Neuroshell. 

    3737 days ago