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  • Pairs Trading - A Cointegration Approach

    I have an interest in cointegration also and found this article in my collection.  It's a thesis paper written by an Australian college student.

    Tags: statistics, arbitrage, cointegration

    3250 days ago

  • Forex Arbitrage

    Our Forex Arbitrage monitor detects forex arbitrage oppotunities in real time. Take a look

    Tags: forex, arbitrage

    3517 days ago

  • Forex Arbitrage free demo version released

    A week ago Jason Filder released a free demo version of his Forex Arbitrage software. Now you can download it at no cost and use the software to see for yourself if it works for you or not before you decide to purchase. The full version costs $1997 or 3 payments of $797.

    Tags: arbitrage, forex arbitrage

    3574 days ago