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  • link file for download ind http://beathespread.com/file/view/284/ht-dema-with-possibility-to-change-the-nyquist-parameter

    2258 days ago

  • thank you Albert for your kind message. I will stop Beathespread today, bcoz, some strategies shown inside work or can improve the profits.

    3028 days ago

  • Each cycle got in general , but not obligatory the similar length. The goal at Beathespread is to mesure this length.

    3196 days ago

  • Some traders from beathespread put their results on Collective2. But they stopped to show their strategy, bcoz Collective2 was misconducting

    3620 days ago

  • Happy New Year to all members and readers of beathespread.

    3627 days ago

  • Check my updated profile: http://beathespread.com/profile/JohnLast

    3967 days ago

  • I am getting married tomorrow for a forum member http://beathespread.com/profile/Anelia

    4030 days ago

  • http://beathespread.com/blog/view/2802/correlation-or-cointegration#comment_2111

    4053 days ago

  • By the way this confirms my idea that a big part of the technical analysis stuff can be reduced to the linear regression.http://beathespread.com/videolist/watch/11429/intro-to-linear-regression

    4068 days ago

  • the birth date of beathespread.com is really 911 ? No other forum can act as beathespread, even beathespread got troubles doing it!

    4105 days ago

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