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  • Model Thinking course

    ...l work. For each model, I present a short, easily digestible overview lecture. Then, I'll dig deeper. I'll go into the technical details of the model. Those technical lectures won't require calculus but b...

    2729 days ago

  • Video lecture by Albert Allen Bartlett

    Professor Bartlett often explains how sustainable growth is a contradiction. His view is based on the fact that a modest percentage growth can equate to huge esc...

    2816 days ago


  • How professional traders do to get a big lecture ?

    Hi followers After a short talk with Artes (from Beathespread), he told me a few secrets things. The professional traders do not use the MT4 prehistorical platform, they got their own tools. For fetching 10% benefits more, they use other TimeFrames than M5,M15 ... M5 implies an hour d...

    Tags: big lecture

    2332 days ago