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  • Goldman Sachs Files “SETLcoin” Patent for Securities Settlement

    ...inventors are Paul Walker and Phil Venables. Bitcoin s blockchain and distributed...o be its own cryptocurrency, not dependent on Bitcoin, though Bitcoin is mentioned...ping the technology. Even within the realm of bitcoin as a currency, a far more con...

    2622 days ago

  • Max Keiser - Bitcoin, Bernanke & Buffett | London Real

    skip the preambule, go directly at 9mn20 there are something interesting about BitCoins http://beathespread.com/videolist/watch/20659/max-keiser-bitcoin-bernanke-buffett-london-real

    3537 days ago


    Hi I notice BitCoin works much better with ATI than with NVIDIA. Means, ATI are developped in Asia, so BitCoins wants to preserve at first, asiatic members

    3808 days ago

  • About Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is a new form of electronic money. And this technology is real...What is interesting is that there are 3 main sources to make money with bitcoin. 1. To accept bitcoins as payment.  2. To min...

    3824 days ago

  • Complexity Game and VSA

    ...Some new patterns do emerge. The old patterns still work but it is not the same.  For example look at the chart of the Bitcoin digital currency:the http://bitcoincharts.com/charts   bitco...

    4106 days ago

  • Market Sentiment Data Mining

    ...really think that the technical analysis is really mature methodology to analyse the mass psychology aspects. For example recently I analysed the bitcoin market. The standard VSA mrth...

    4162 days ago