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  • Extreme extrapolation with extrapolator

    ...apolators. They are in fact ment to be used together and to be combined. The yellow line is the neural net outut from the BPNN with Hodrick -Prescott filter (a mod of the BPNN) The blue Line is the indica...

    2976 days ago

  • Elliotware with ELWAVE

    ...the Elliotware approach. Here I use the ELAWAVE software in order to make a machine driven Elliott wave counting.  In parrallel I use a neural net BPNN with Caterpillar SSA trained...

    3124 days ago

  • Expert advisers and Elliott waves: Elliotware approach

    Her I just want to mention that in another blogpost I used BPNN family of neural nets to make market predictions. However the same idea apply not only to neural nets but also with th...

    3154 days ago

  • Instruments for Elliottware Trading

    ...ckpropagation nerual net. You can download the BPNN family of indicators. ...ware prediction Toolset:  1. The standard BPNN Neural net 2. The smoothed B...r the bigger trend. 2. As an analogy I use the BPNN Smoothed Cycle period. It use...

    3167 days ago