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  • Trading methods: from Complexity to Simplicity and Back Again

    ...rading strategies. This was the first digital Brain Trend.  After that this was p...feeding it into more complex strategies like Trend magic, TDI (Traders dynamic i...mql5 database, the MT5 version of the digital Brain Trend become one of the most...

    2577 days ago

  • Brain Trend logic

    The logic of the brain trend is based on 3 key aspects: A signal is...first aspect is the momentum The Brain Trend needs a momentum compu...he main innovation of the digital brain trend mods. For example in the juri...ty stop This is a classic in the trend following systems. The idea i...

    2759 days ago

  • About the Brain Trend Club

    ...ut discussing the digital mods of the famous Brain Trend system. Here is the story of...n version. That is how the new generation of brain trend was made.  After that l...what I have here. This is a state of the art trend following strategy if used in...

    2761 days ago