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  • Brain Trend EA tests on 15 m time frame

    Here is a shot of the Brain Trend EA tests since 26.12.2011 until 04.07.2012 on the 15 time frame for EURUSD with the default settings of lenght 50. As you can see the results are typical for a trend following EA, the % of profitable trades is 39.33 %. And that is something completely normal for...

    Tags: EA, test, brain trend

    2517 days ago

  • Trend Systems

    От 21 октомври 2011 This is the Trend Systems Collection.  There are two systems and a library of Kositsin. I recommend you to install this on a separate MT4 demo account.  The first system is the Brain Trend with double smoothed jjma of Kositsin. I did not solve t...

    Tags: brain trend

    2739 days ago

  • Brain Trend expert with iVAR filtering

    This is the Brain Trend DE with iVAR smoothing. I add all the necessary indicators for convinience if you have already installed it you do not need to install again. Make your own test ;).

    Tags: brain trend, expert

    2767 days ago

  • The results from the Brain trend of 5 m time frame

    От 21 октомври 2011   Those are the results from the tests of the Brain Trend Stope and Reverse expert on 5 m time frame.  I show the history from september, I do so to show how the profitability changes from the beginning of october. For the last year, the expert w...

    Tags: brain trend, expert

    2769 days ago

  • Back testing results of the brain trend stop and reverse system from 2010

    This is the back testing of the strategy from 2010. In fact I may say from the last 5 months it is forward testing because the results are robust even by changing the main parameters of the lenght. I use open prices to speed up the testing because this expert does not use the intra-bar dynamics ...

    Tags: expert, brain trend

    2787 days ago

  • Timing for Entry: Synergy System Arrows SSA end-pointed

    Here I have another SSA ep mod. It is using the Synergy system entries. The logic is to have a momentum from the Trader's Dynamic Index and identification of an impulse movement with Heiken Ashi DM. Here I give a visual example how this can be used in combination with the Brain Trend system. The...

    Tags: brain trend

    2780 days ago

  • Brain Trend ST 3rd Generation

    Brain Trend mod with the 3rd Generation Moving Average. Here the lenght is 70. You need to install the moving Average of 3rd generation from here 3rd Generation MA.  I am going to futher explore this concept together with the Elliotware princpiple. Do not forget this is just a tool.  ...

    Tags: brain trend

    2780 days ago