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  • 16 trading Igor's biography Part 2

    ...in my averaging down I made a lot more money. Brokers personally warned me (in that time one had only telephonic brokers) every time with the words:...to sleep. I kept staring to my chart and to my broker platform. I had the most empt...

    2789 days ago

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  • There is a mess or confusion between traders calculating in pips and other calculating in Point too. Most Eas can not work on broker #digits

    2391 days ago

  • I am fighting w/ the STOPLEVEL values provided by the broker (Go Markets)

    2392 days ago

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  • Access to LMAX in csharp

    Access to LMAX in csharp

    ...ne (I think you miss it) - find a system w/ low latency , able to provide real Volumes Bid and Volumes Asks (those Volumes should not come from a broker but a liquidity provider) -...

    1889 days ago

  • How to trade binary options manually and with a robot ?

    How to trade binary options manually and with a robot ?

    Well, Well On my second cell phone, A commercial from a broker called me yesterday, and allow me to trade directly on the platform by crediting an account with 100 euros.  He showed...

    2033 days ago

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  • A good broker => globalprime.com.au

    Hi A well-known trader jsut created a new brokerage company name GlobalPrime I was stunned when I saw so low spreads, this is the first time in my life, I can see this:   Currency Bid Ask Spread AUDUSD 1.05348 1.05353 0.5 pips      on Go Markets, t...

    Tags: broker

    2405 days ago

  • Dukascopy and MIG Bank open offices in Hong Kong

    After the opening of its subsidiary Dukascopy Europe, dedicated to European clients, Dukascopy Bank expands its international presence through an office in Hong Kong. 

    Tags: dukascopy, dukascopy europe, mig bank, forex, broker, hong kong

    2681 days ago

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