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  • TTM bars with Caterpillar SSA engine

    ...От 23 септември 2011   This is TTM bars with Caterpillar SSA engine. Keep in mind as I...computations: Smoother results  Installation: If you have the Caterpillar SSA libraries do not update t...

    4409 days ago

  • BPNN with Caterpilar (Catepillar is repainting)

    This is the BPNN with Caterpillar (The Caterpillar is repainting but the BPNN is doing the same). However, we are interested in the future prediction and we do not fear that the present will...

    4571 days ago

  • BPNN with SSA end - pointed

    ...cause we want a prediction for the future and we do not care that the present may collapse and change LOL.    The BPNN mod with the Caterpillar SSA is here.

    4571 days ago

  • TDI Caterpillar with Volatility alerts

    I tried to do something. However visual alerts with arrows come up only when you have contradictory signals.  If you have a signal in the same direction only an audio alert with the time pops up. To tell the truth I was surprised a little bit that this may even work.  

    4571 days ago

  • TDI Caterpillar with alerts

    This is  a mod of the Caterpillar SSA. According to Ricmi even if it is not a end-pointed versio sometimes it may be usual. However the alerts do not look to repaint. According to...

    4406 days ago