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  • TTM bars with SSA end - pointed engine

    TTM Bars with SSA end-pointed engine   This is TTM bars with  SSA end - pointed engine. Unfortunately, this is not a reliable holy grail, from time to time repaints occur that is why I recommend to use higher level of lag bars ans low level of computations. Ev...

    Tags: SSA, Caterpillar, Singular Spectrum Analysis, Indicator

    4615 days ago

  • Free SSA software Windows GUI and Matlab package

    This is the free SSA software from Theodor Alexandrov. There is another software which has both paid and a free version. The free version unfortunately does not run on 64 bits computers. This is the Caterpillar software from GistaT Group. Of course this piece of software is not end - point...

    Tags: ssa, caterpillar, singular spectrum analysis, software

    4655 days ago

  • TTM bars with Caterpillar SSA engine

    От 23 септември 2011   This is TTM bars with Caterpillar SSA engine. Keep in mind as I use not the end - pointed version of SSA but the regular version this indicator does not perform as it will be indicated when you plot on the chart. That is why the screen sho...

    Tags: SSA, Caterpillar, Singular Spectrum Analysis, indicator

    4497 days ago

  • TDI Caterpillar with alerts

    This is  a mod of the Caterpillar SSA. According to Ricmi even if it is not a end-pointed versio sometimes it may be usual. However the alerts do not look to repaint. According to the test so far it is good to capture oscillations. However there is a difference with the arrows bar per bar an...

    Tags: SSA, Caterpillar, Singular Spectrum Analysis, indicator

    4495 days ago