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  • Chaos and complex representations for neuroevolution

    In this article on my blog I summarized  my views on the proper way to obtain a robust solution through neroevolution.Basically I question the whole architecture of the neuron when you are going to use  genetic optimization or particle swarm optimization.I sugge...

    Tags: chaos, neural net, neuroevolution

    2722 days ago

  • Reverse optimization and Walk Forward Testing

    In this short blog post I want to revisit some concepts and to show you some new paths of investigation, I hope so. It is known to us at the expense  of a lot of suffering and/or time (for many), that there is no holy grail indicator, system or EA (Expert Advisor), that will make money con...

    Tags: reverse optimization, walk forward testing, optimization, lyapunov exponent, chaos, oscillator

    2913 days ago

  • SSS with two chaos kernels

    Here I add a mod with two chaos kernels. Please check those two discussions: http://beathespread.com/pages/view/9823/chaos-kernel-function-using-the-logistic-map http://beathespread.com/file/view/10551/chaos-kernel-spinal-implant   От EA tests   От EA...

    Tags: expert, ea, chaos, spinal implant

    2924 days ago