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  • Chart patterns or Chaos attractors?

    ...the traders do not understand the science of chaos, and the scientists do not un...l systems has been one of the achievements of chaos theory. Please read this short arti...structure is about to emerge. This is just a theory guys and gals. But the calcul...

    2799 days ago


  • User friendly programs for nonlinear time series analysis

    The following programs are available: delay coordinate embedding, nonlinear noise reduction, mutual information method, false nearest neighbor method, maximal lyapunov exponent, recurrence plot, determinism test, and stationarity test.

    Tags: chaos theory

    2600 days ago

  • Theory CHAOS

    Good evening to all, through the presentation of Jaguar 1637, I want to ask a question to this forum, I have a great interest in chaos theory applied to forex, I will examine in particular the similarities t...

    Tags: chaos theory

    2653 days ago

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