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  • Cycle analysis in forex

    .... NOTE: I am not affilated with this....just curious to know whether similar can be developed for mt4. http://www.whentotrade.com/decoding/cycles.php I find coding in C# or java much easier tha...

    2880 days ago



  • Manual: how to add alarm

    found this manual somewhere in the internet. It tells in easy words how a alarm can be added. It worked for some indi´s but unfortunately not for all (like promised)   Maybe it depends on the coding-style ?

    2082 days ago

  • T3-CCI EA

    This is an EA using T3 CCI ( fxsniper's) 50 period. I have made it using a EA generator, not hand coded, so excuse some keywords/coding mistakes......not well conversant with mql...

    2770 days ago

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  • They even did not right a proper book something like mt5 for noobs. You must use previous coding experience in C++ and a lot of guess work.

    2213 days ago

  • I am analyzing deeply this NormalizeDouble(Bid+ DigMull()*MathMax(TradeStop,ModeStopLevel) ,Digits). I am not sure about this way of coding

    2391 days ago