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  • BB_MACD_CCT 3rd generation

    ...mod. I like both mods. This mod is also quie heavy on the machine. What can I say a good tool for your collection.   Installation: You need to download and install the 3rd generatio...

    3145 days ago

  • Entropy indicators

    Here I would like to present one new toy. This is the Averaged Predictability Reversal Bars. The idea is that some bars are more special than others. Some bars show an...

    3145 days ago

  • BPNN Predictor ST 3rd generation Smoothing

    Here I add the BPNN neural net using the Moving Averages of the 3rd generation. You need to download the 3rd generation MA, it is free and no registration is necessary. It is bas...

    3145 days ago

  • Cycle period

    Nothing fancy the cycle period indicator. You can download from many places. For convinience I place it here too. You need this indicator installed otherwise the cycle period adaptation BPNN neural nets won't work.

    3169 days ago