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  • MT4 on BTC-E.com

    Hi guys there will be a possibility to trade in USD/BTC w/ a MT4.Today, you can download the MEtaTrade4 at https://btc-e.com/profile#meta_trader and open a demo-account you will be able to trade w/ a level of 3? I do not know how much costs the spread    

    2950 days ago

  • Wide Range Bodies

    ...l/forum/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=533 Quote: To gain access to the FVB basic trade signal strategy...you must do the following:  Download the current version of t...

    2974 days ago

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  • R-FATL

    This indicator is causal and it's one of my favorite Please, forget the russian release (w/ constants inside and download the needed libraries R-MESA and R-DF and also the indicator R...

    2914 days ago

  • EA Gann High Low Activator

    ...EA Gann High Low Activator. It is based on the indicator Gann High Low activator SSL from the code base. You can download the indicator with the EA from here, just click on the download button. You need to install t...

    3277 days ago

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  • Human brain and parallel signal patterns

    ...ares available. Of course the obvious idea is to have a model for yourself. By now this is accessible to everybody, you can download and test arryex things or you cand download and test the Back Propagation...

    3582 days ago

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  • link file for download ind http://beathespread.com/file/view/284/ht-dema-with-possibility-to-change-the-nyquist-parameter

    1456 days ago

  • Download the file from http://www.fxnewsalert.com/ you will get an efficient system news (and free)!

    3277 days ago

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  • Access to LMAX in csharp

    Access to LMAX in csharp

    ...vider) - code it, backtest it IMPORTANT, please, participate to this group. it's a golden mine. how to procedd ? Download the ProTrader 3 here : http://www.protrader.com/en/downloads launch the Algostudio and i...

    2658 days ago

  • a new forex god

    a new forex god

    A new forex god asks me to sell his signals, saying the Forex is DEAD ! lol I saw the results...(Escape from hell lol ) Want to have a look ? ok, download from Metaquotes a simpe metaclient MQ4 setting server : login :  1701751 password : ep7899f

    3238 days ago