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    ...vevelppers => You can access to the level 2, means, the Orderbook by using an...root@jaguar-QUAARGIL:/home/jag/PYTHON/Machine_Learning/ML_Pocket Learning_Algo#...preventing individual traders to access to the real volume, can die  ...

    1589 days ago

  • High sea level rising expected for 2018 and next following years

    ...ting of the Larsen C, (which started this year), should be done for next year So, this result of this mel...ite : 50 years of slow rising (3.7 mm per year) So, bcz this forum is dedi...interpret correcty this article (try to read under the lines, instead of...

    1594 days ago

  • Triangular arbitrage.

    Hello all,   Here is a great work on triangular arbitrage. I think it could be interesting to test the expert. Unfortunately the guy don't have so much free time to work on it, and he doesn't share the source. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=676132

    1819 days ago

  • Directionnal Change

    Interesting research available here http://www.bracil.net/finance/DirectionalChanges/

    1878 days ago

  • Wall Street Warriors

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuzSItFhJLg&feature=youtu.be and http://www.instutrade.com 

    2376 days ago

  • Goldman Sachs Files “SETLcoin” Patent for Securities Settlement

    ...logy it is developing that would streamline the way securities are s...ystems inspired by it are being increasingly explored by banks to au...r example, shares of a stock. It appears to be its own cryptocurrenc...ng the technology. Even within the realm of bitcoin as a currency, a...

    2399 days ago

  • Maintenance Informatique Saint Nazaire

    ...ction rapide.Malgré le fait qu'il y a une évolution très importante au niveau des nouvelles technologies,...notamment à Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique.For additional information please contact: John ROFMAN at Alo...

    2406 days ago

  • DATFRA from http://datfra.com/

    ...genetic programming framework. This way it can easily advise you with changes to your trading style that will help you to increase your performance and learn...improving your trading strategy – just to learn that it still is not good e...

    2630 days ago

  • Perpestone desired

    Hello John,   A real ECN/STP account is necessary to use Scalper EA, however I cannot recommend any of these brokers as we have not tested them. Please take a look at our Recommen...

    2631 days ago

  • ZORO-TRADER Great stuff

    ...oor. Zorro was developed to beat the world financial system w...short-term price prediction (read herehow this works). On...to work four days less every year for producing the same goods...vailable to private traders (learn more here). All this...

    2673 days ago

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