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    ...vevelppers => You can access to the level 2, means, the Orderbook by using an...root@jaguar-QUAARGIL:/home/jag/PYTHON/Machine_Learning/ML_Pocket Learning_Algo#...preventing individual traders to access to the real volume, can die  ...

    1334 days ago

  • High sea level rising expected for 2018 and next following years

    ...ting of the Larsen C, (which started this year), should be done for next year So, this result of this mel...ite : 50 years of slow rising (3.7 mm per year) So, bcz this forum is dedi...interpret correcty this article (try to read under the lines, instead of...

    1339 days ago

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  • Dear friends across Europe,

    Dear friends across Europe, In 2...as named "Señor Petrolhead". But MEPs can reject the ap...and demand a strong climate leader for this crucial post. Pub...companies and claims he is clean, serious conflicts of intere...be delivered right into the hearings: https://secure.avaaz.o...

    2573 days ago

  • forex factory VSA tradeguider and VPA

    ...it all. This is converted VPA.afl to MT4. (read through the pdf)You can down...AR as a good introduction to VSA. But what really count are the indicators u...rex factory. I think this is a very valuable thread in the forex factory forum.&...

    2737 days ago

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  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...on indicators. Fractal break -out Basically the ideal price movement is in a price...of the channel. You need at least two points from above and f...shit.This is called a false break - out that happens more ofte...lished trend when we have a breakout in the direction of the t...

    3643 days ago

  • Phase Space Singularities

    ...ome number of cycles that does not mean that we have a signal with p...atively simple and sometimes it is really complex with its multidime...e trend and can be hurt. The idea is that when we have a relati...ase space singularity. You have to react as quick and intelligent as...

    3098 days ago

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  • Chaos kernel function using the logistic map?

    ...like to share among friends some ideas. Well it is about to use a...retching-and-folding structures , please look at the Wikipedia artic...further.     So the idea as as follows:   Given...razy it is.   The two MAIN ideas ARE:   - TO USE RECUR...

    615 days ago

  • Virtual reality for free

    ...an make a reference in mainstream media. http://edition.cnn.co...eyes with a mind trick. The idea is to trick the mind that a f...and everybody perhaps has already the materials to build them...something simple. Just take cheap sunglasses. Remove one glass...

    1598 days ago

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  • The date of 16th of April 2021 was choosen by the false elites more than 10 years ago. We do not know if they will follow their agenda.

    201 days ago

  • The date of 16th of April 2021 was choosen by the false elites more than 10 years ago. We do not know if they will follow their agenda.

    201 days ago

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  • Virtual Reality for Free

    Virtual Reality for Free

    Description regarding the 3D vision and the virtual reality.

    1708 days ago



    Hi all  for this thread, I just bought the Quantna Intensive Scalper EA 1.0c and I put 90 $ on a live account on GoMarkets Charts choosen  USDJPY , EURUSD I will show you the results 

    2376 days ago

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  • Particle Swarm Optimization

    This is very interesting article describing the Particle Swarm Optimization. There is code available in C#. I think that if we can understand how klot (check this link for the EA) made his custom genetic optimization algorythm and bypassing the native MT4, we could do the same however applying t...

    Tags: particle swarm optimization, ea, mt4

    3185 days ago

  • A lot of free EA from the Russians

    On this forum you can find some free EA. However their tests were done for the last year. So this is not for take and trade directly.    However the EAs are interesting: 1. The EA look particularly well coded. 2. You could pick up some ideas. 3. EA coding services are offered for ...

    Tags: ea, free

    3376 days ago

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