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  • Hi thanks for joining

    ...predict when it will stop. However I think it is possible to observe in real time the end.  1. It w...rice level is the most sure thing. 3. It will stop if  there is a break - out in the equity curve. A...

    3765 days ago

  • Actual predictions

    Here I add some past predictions. It performed quite well. The trained period was chosen usind data from beginig of September.   От 23 септември 2011

    3765 days ago

  • Help I am a psychopat trader!

    Help I need some help after reading this article. About traders which happen to be psychopats at zerohedge.

    3774 days ago

  • BPNN Predictor with JJMA smoothing

    Yesterday I made a shot with BPNN Predictor with JJMA smoothing. Actually it was wrong on the general direction however I still was in profit. In fact he predeictet a...

    3778 days ago

  • Accumulation of Stops at the level 1.3700

    ...a practical way. The theory is that the short term volatility is bound by the places where the are accumulation of orders. The market is like a heat seaking missile searching to acti...

    3785 days ago

  • Psychic abilities and trading

    ...s to see what has been done by the military as some information has been leaked through time.  What...ding to Ingo Swann those abilities are within everybody. And there is a clear difference between trained a...

    3786 days ago