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  • Avoid EA trading after price GAP

    Because after gap some indicators behavior is not usable for EA decision, I use simple code to avoid EA trading after GAP. At params section of EA add: extern int MinGapSize = 3;extern int BackGapBars = 10;.... add check of Gap before decision of tradingif (NotGap()) {    if (......

    Tags: GAP, EA

    3733 days ago

  • bots the last couple of weeks

    took a hit but recovered....

    Tags: bots, robots, ea

    3968 days ago

  • SSA EA example

    This is an example  how to call directly the SSA dll for practical use in EA. This is not a working trading EA, just an example how to implement the idea.

    Tags: SSA, SSAep, EA

    3971 days ago

  • Particle Swarm Optimization

    This is very interesting article describing the Particle Swarm Optimization. There is code available in C#. I think that if we can understand how klot (check this link for the EA) made his custom genetic optimization algorythm and bypassing the native MT4, we could do the same however applying t...

    Tags: particle swarm optimization, ea, mt4

    4053 days ago

  • Optimization of trading strategy: is there something wrong

    What is a central question of all trading strategies is the optimization. However is there something wrong with the optimization or at least with our perception of optimization of trading strategies. I think there is something elusive here.   I think that the main problem is t...

    Tags: ea, optimization, trading strategy, data mining

    4092 days ago

  • Install an EA automatically

    Hi take a look on http://www.eainstall.com/ It's nice and simple

    Tags: ea

    4126 days ago

  • Entropy Scalper upgrade with chaotic kernel

    You can download the Entropy scalper with chaotic kernel. The download is available only for registered and logged users. The performance can be compared.  The idea: The idea is to detect as for the fractal spcalper a pocket of predictability. Within this pocket of predictability we ar...

    Tags: ea, entropy scalper

    4145 days ago

  • EA Gann High Low Activator

    I made my own EA Gann High Low Activator. It is based on the indicator Gann High Low activator SSL from the code base. You can download the indicator with the EA from here, just click on the download button. You need to install the indicator in order to make it work the EA. And here the good ne...

    Tags: Gann, EA, High-Low Activator, indicator

    4165 days ago

  • Configure EA in Options Tools menu bars

    For those who are interested for configuring expert advisors inside a MT4 client

    Tags: EA

    4182 days ago

  • EA_perceptronpfe_ v1 results

    EA_perceptronpfe_ v1 results

    Tags: EA

    4207 days ago

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