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  • Swami Stochastic

    The SwamiCharts are latest indicators from J.Ehlers ToolBox. SwamiCharts is an evolutionary step forward, providing a 3D heatmap view of a technical indicator over a wide sequential range of lookback periods. SwamiCharts are a type of 3D chart with time on the x-axis (length), lookback...

    Tags: swami indicator, Ehlers

    4000 days ago

  • Basic Ehlers Cycle Strategy

    От 24 септември 2011 This is the expert I used to test the basic Ehlers basic Cycle Strategy. More details about this EA you can find here.  Installation: You need to install the Cycle period indicator unless you already have it in your indicators folder. Crit...

    Tags: expert, Ehlers, cycle

    4593 days ago

  • Ehlers Cycle Strategy

    This week - end I tested one particular strategy for cycle trading from Ehlers. The strategy is from the Book: MESA and Trading market Cycles. from Ehlers "The action of the half cycle moving average and full cycle moving average suggest a trading system. You would sell the the half cycle mov...

    Tags: ehlers, strategy

    4593 days ago

  • Adaptive Empirical Mode Decomposition with Hilbert transform adaptation of the dominant cycle

    От 23 септември 2011   Empirical Mode Decomposition with Hilbert transform adaptation of the dominant cycle. You need to install also this indicator.

    Tags: indicator, ehlers

    4608 days ago

  • Ehlers official site

        This is the official site of John Ehlers. Here you can find some interesting papers. Here you will not find any mt4 indicators LOL.  

    Tags: ehlers

    4607 days ago

  • All 25 indicators from the book "Cybernetics Analysis for Stock and Futures"

        This is a link from the site of mqlsoft. This is a very good job from those guys to code for mt4 all the Ehlers' indicators. I prefer to give a link instead to upload the indicators. Fisher Transform Instantaneous Trendline Cyber Cycle CG Oscillator Relat...

    Tags: ehlers, indicators

    4607 days ago