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  • Weekly EUR/USD analysis 21-25

    ...ish bias in the market opening the way to a deep decline or wider oscillating patterns. Elementary Elliott wave count: We see 5 very well formed waves from 14.11.2012. Even if you may not follow Elliott waves an abvious pattern s...

    3161 days ago

  • Neely River Theory

    ...you have subscribed to the NEoWave Trading service for a long-time,...edicting” markets using wave theory. Because of the detail...market high, I knew (based on wave structure) the S&P was en...NEoWave concepts in Mastering Elliott Wave, I knew this meant wa...

    3442 days ago

  • Prechter: the trend is exausted

    ...from Robert Prechter's special,video issue of the August Elliott Wave Theorist (online now, 54 mi...at statement would ridiculize him and all his interpretation of the Elliott Waves. According to Neely the mark...

    3606 days ago

  • Elliotware with ELWAVE

    ...would like to show another approach trying to make a long term analysis with the Elliotware approach. Here I use the ELAWAVE software in order to make a machine driven Elliott wave counting.  In parrallel I us...

    3613 days ago

  • Elliottware with Neuroshell

    Here I tested the Elliotware approach of the Elliott wave principle with Neuroshell, I tried 3 basic strategies that are popular systems: I used the training period on 1 h time frame, f...

    3645 days ago

  • Elliott Wave and market direction prediction failure

    ...er.  When I think about Elliott Wave I feel sentimental and nostalgic...o what is the point of Elliot wave if a software makes a better pre...current market behaviour with Elliott wave principle.  The Elliott...ged. So identify with Elliott waves principle where that happene...

    3653 days ago

  • Expert advisers and Elliott waves: Elliotware approach

    ...the pricniple is the same how that can be implemented in practice. It would be again a three steps procecc. 1. Identfiy where we can find an Elliott wave structure. 2. Here you do no...

    3643 days ago

  • Elliotware: How it works?

    ...септември 2011 This is how Elliotware works:1. I identify an Elliott Wave structure. This is MANUAL we do...ach and the other approaches. They try to use a machine to force an Elliott Wave analysis.2. I set the trainin...

    3657 days ago