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  • The Elliott test

    ...annot be exluded aswell. The Elliott waves principle was created in order...publications. The classical Elliottists either continue to apply...s are not conclusive e.g. Neo Waves. What you can do as a trader i...ee now the limitations of the Elliott theory in the modern marke...

    2730 days ago

  • Chart patterns or Chaos attractors?

    ...s arguable if they are a part of the technical analysis. maybe the Elliott Wave Sequence may be close, but I am...ractors: are not part of the technical analysis. Of course the Elliott wave theoreticians claim that they...

    3568 days ago

  • Anchor and Trigger: macro and micro timeframe.

    ...l analysis from the Dow Theory and the Elliot wave theory both are trying to put th...on the other hand it could be funny to see an Elliott wave picture of the Euro/Usd from...e are moments that both the Dow model and the Elliott wave model do fit very wel...

    3645 days ago

  • Elliottware In a nutshell

    The idea of Elliottware is to use the human pattern re...The idea is about similarity. The Elliott Wave theory is very precise about ide...This can be done easily using the Elliott Wave theory. We can on the past da...ill be the immediate visible count wave. 2. The second training rang...

    3653 days ago