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  • Prechter: the trend is exausted

    What is the real problem with today's market? Watch this excerpt from Robert Prechter's special,video issue of the August Elliott Wave Theorist (online now, 54 mins). Prechter shows you how the buildup of dollar-denominated debt has brought us to what he calls a critical market jun...

    Tags: elliott wave

    2751 days ago

  • Elliottware with Neuroshell

    Here I tested the Elliotware approach of the Elliott wave principle with Neuroshell, I tried 3 basic strategies that are popular systems: I used the training period on 1 h time frame, from the 01.09 to 26.09. And the green bars show the out of sample trading. Maybe it was mistake that I did not ...

    Tags: neural net, elliotware, elliott wave

    2790 days ago

  • Elliotware: How it works?

      От 22 септември 2011 This is how Elliotware works:1. I identify an Elliott Wave structure. This is MANUAL we do not use software. And this is the fundamental difference between this approach and the other approaches. They try to use a machine to force an Elliott Wave an...

    Tags: elliott wave, elliotware

    2802 days ago