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  • Combining Entropymath with a PNN Expert adviser (Probabilistic Neural Network)

    What about a trend following system with high number of profitable trades! Is that possible? No if we use the common waves to do so moving averages and common indicators.  Maybe, if we use a different approach?!   Tonight I was working on the idea of combining the Entropymath concep...

    Tags: pnn, parzen window classification, ea, expert advisor, entropy

    2858 days ago

  • Entropy Scalper and Simple Scalping System

    This EA is another variation of a generic code of VGC. The system is called SSS (Simple Scalping System). The modification was done by FXrookie and me. Installation instructions: 1. Download the RAR file by pushing the button on the upper right corner. (may seem stupid but ;) ) 2. Copy paste t...

    Tags: expert, entropy

    3060 days ago