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  • Triangular arbitrage.

    Hello all,   Here is a great work on triangular arbitrage. I think it could be interesting to test the expert. Unfortunately the guy don't have so much free time to work on it, and he doesn't share the source. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=676132

    960 days ago

  • metatraderprogrammer.com a new company

    Great work from Zoltan Laszlo Ferenci (Project Manager ) His company is able to deliver expert advisors development - you have to provide him a logic based on indicators or/and barrs and Zoltan will program your expert advisor

    2163 days ago

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  • Optimization results daily frame since 1996

    Here I will show the optimization results on the daily time frame since November 1996 untill today. So here we see the combined performance of the system of all its possible parameters. As you know the basic parameter is the risk. As you can see on EURUSD on the daily frame the system has been ...

    Tags: asctrend, brain trend, ea, expert, optimization

    2841 days ago

  • ASCtrend Buy Sell expert with artificial intelligence

    DOWNLOAD FROM HERE This is another experiment with the Asctrend Buy Sell expert, kernel optimized by the native MT4 genetic algorythm. The results from build to build in the genetic optimization may vary, build 226 and 409 work both fine. As there are two kernels you need to optimize them both:...

    Tags: neural net, expert, ea, gaussian, kernel

    2888 days ago

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