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  • Optimization results daily frame since 1996

    Here I will show the optimization results on the daily time frame since November 1996 untill today. So here we see the combined performance of the system of all its possible parameters. As you know the basic parameter is the risk. As you can see on EURUSD on the daily frame the system has been ...

    Tags: asctrend, brain trend, ea, expert, optimization

    2814 days ago

  • ASCtrend Buy Sell expert with artificial intelligence

    DOWNLOAD FROM HERE This is another experiment with the Asctrend Buy Sell expert, kernel optimized by the native MT4 genetic algorythm. The results from build to build in the genetic optimization may vary, build 226 and 409 work both fine. As there are two kernels you need to optimize them both:...

    Tags: neural net, expert, ea, gaussian, kernel

    2861 days ago

  • Neural net EA Warning by mbkernel

    On the net I found a very interesting post. It is a warning by mbkernel. I want to cite it here because it matters. Hi traders. I know I will not be particularly popular by saying this, but I don't think that developing trading methods with neural networks, at least at the level of knowledge...

    Tags: neural net, expert, ea

    2866 days ago

  • Market State Analysis and System Trading

    The difference between Elliotware and the Market States Analysis The market state analysis is different from the Elliotware analysis. In the Elliotware we try to determine a constant market structure otpimize on that structure and hope that the solution we have will work out of sample. I have ...

    Tags: market state analysis, elliotware, expert, ea, brain trend

    2956 days ago

  • FX Correlator expert

    От 08 ноември 2011   This morning I did some experiments with the FXCORRELATOR. I made a custom mod the idea is: BUY  EUR/USD when globally the Euro is stronger than USD  SELL EUR/USD when globally the USD is stronger than the Euro   It gets consistentl...

    Tags: expert

    3000 days ago

  • Expert advisers and Elliott waves: Elliotware approach

    Her I just want to mention that in another blogpost I used BPNN family of neural nets to make market predictions. However the same idea apply not only to neural nets but also with the optimization process in Metatrader. So as the pricniple is the same how that can be implemented in practice. It...

    Tags: optmization, expert, mt4, elliotware

    3033 days ago

  • Parameters optimization: traditional way.

    Well traditionally we use two general ways to test an expert. 1. We find a training window and we train (optimize) the expert on this window. 2. We hope that the optimized parameters would work on the test window. 3. When we do it for enough nimbers of train and test window we hope that at the...

    Tags: optimization, parameters, expert

    3055 days ago