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  • Perceptron and Kernel Indicator mods

    The recent indicators based on the different perceptrons make a breaktrough in the way we can see indicators. Why? We can combine and visualize different indicators into one indicator We can combine different parameters of the same indicator into one composite indicator We can make a combina...

    Tags: ea, expert adviser, perceptron, kernel, indicator

    2786 days ago

  • sss_ai with r-squared confirmation

    This is a mod of spinal implant that I was recluctant to post. Not because it is a money machine but because I did not find any impro vement. However the logic may be interesting and may be used into another EA model. So that is why I will post it.    double rsquared=iCustom(NULL,T...

    Tags: EA, expert adviser, r-squared

    2792 days ago