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  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...the volatility. Usually we expect a break - out during the open of the European Session and the US session2. Use of fractal indicators FGDI, IVAR, FDIWe use a fractal dimension gra...

    4119 days ago

  • Phase Space Singularities

    ...we do not cooperate (one guy think it is oversold, the other it is overbought, one guy has long term horizon the other has short term).And if FGDI (FDI) is in red (iVAR below 0.5) a...

    3574 days ago

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  • Fractal dimension indicators and their use

    ...imension graph indicator (slight upgrade of the FDI fractal dimension indicator)....and I just remember that basic stuff. The FGDI (FDI) according to me is better th...how the Hurst exponent is above 0.5 (that means FDI and FGDI below 1,5 and Ivar b...

    4118 days ago


  • Fractal scalper (available only for logged in users)

    От 08 ноември 2011   This is the fractal scalper I was talking about. It is from the same family as the Entropy scalper but here we are using the fractal dimension of the time series to decide to enter or not in a trade. Basic principle: detecting pockets of predictabili...

    Tags: fractal dimension, ivar, fgdi, fdi, ea, scalper

    1077 days ago

  • Fractal Dimension

    Here I would like to add the link to the blog of Jean-Philippe. On this page is discussed the fractal dimension indicator. The article about iVAR is here. I think I will upload it as a separate file. 

    Tags: fractal dimension, ivar, fgdi, fdi

    4099 days ago


  • Comment on "iVar"

    We can check them, meanwhile we have three types of fractal dimension indicators: FGDI (FDI) iVAR And the fractal dimension from Ehlers  

    4102 days ago