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  • Advanced indicators

    ...ator on the main screen deserves to be coded as an EA I think. The momentum indicator from below is somewhat unique because it adapts to the fractal dimension. When the market is in more u...

    4181 days ago

  • Entropy Scalper upgrade with chaotic kernel

    ...The idea: The idea is to detect as for the fractal spcalper a pocket of predicta...sing different tools. In metatrader we have fractal dimension indicators family: FDI,FGDI...ny parameters that are common among all the fractal scalper indicators. You can ch...

    4258 days ago

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  • Fractal scalper (available only for logged in users)

    ...per but here we are using the fractal dimension of the time series to decid...ckets of predictability using fractal dimension treshholds and taking a dir...ld of 0.4. So we are in a low fractal dimension 2 bars before and 1 bar befor...f it with filtering. The Fractal efficiency is calculated like i...

    1581 days ago

  • Fractal Dimension

    Here I would like to add the link to the blog of Jean-Philippe. On this page is discussed the fractal dimension indicator. The article about iVAR is here. I think I will upload it as a separate file. 

    4603 days ago

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  • Hi thanks for joining

    ...al time the end.  1. It would stop if there is a powerfull directionnal impulse that comes together with a a significant change in the fractal dimension and entropy characteristics....

    4644 days ago


  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...I list some patterns from the fractal dimension indicators. Fractal break -out Basically the...n and the US session2. Use of fractal indicators FGDI, IVAR, FDIWe use a fractal dimension graph index indicator (FGDI...the transition of the fractal dimension from one state to the other.&...

    4623 days ago

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  • Trend or Range and beyond it: Market state analysis

    Trend or Range and beyond it: Market state analysis

    This is a group where I would like to combine many different approaches. The idea is to obtain a multi dimensional picture of the market. Here I would combine: -Fractal dimension studies -Entropy studies -Tic Volume studies -Market orders studies  

    4623 days ago