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  • This is for those iVAR or fractal dimension guys here

    hI, Guys, I have been examiming at the iVAR indicator for some time now and I seriously have some doubts regarding its eficacy in accurately detecting the trend of the market . Attched below is a screenshot which I just pulled out from my MT4 clearly showing a flat market. But looking that the ...

    Tags: ivar, fractal dimension

    3538 days ago

  • Fractal scalper (available only for logged in users)

    От 08 ноември 2011   This is the fractal scalper I was talking about. It is from the same family as the Entropy scalper but here we are using the fractal dimension of the time series to decide to enter or not in a trade. Basic principle: detecting pockets of predictabili...

    Tags: fractal dimension, ivar, fgdi, fdi, ea, scalper

    1518 days ago

  • Fractal Dimension

    Here I would like to add the link to the blog of Jean-Philippe. On this page is discussed the fractal dimension indicator. The article about iVAR is here. I think I will upload it as a separate file. 

    Tags: fractal dimension, ivar, fgdi, fdi

    4540 days ago

  • Fractal dimension patterns

    Here I list some patterns from the fractal dimension indicators. Fractal break -out Basically the ideal price movement is in a price channel. The price channel can be horizontal (range channel) or directional (trend channel). In fact it does not matter the type. When a price breaks the ...

    Tags: fractal dimension

    4560 days ago

  • Phase Space Singularities

    The theory is that the market is not a signal. What we have is a multidimensional phase space. In those multidimensional space there are fractal attractors. There are many of them there are simple and complex (point attractors, cycle attractors etc.). For example when we see some number of cycl...

    Tags: fractal dimension

    4015 days ago

  • Fractal dimension indicators and their use

    От 04 октомври 2011 Here I just compile some things I have written on TSD and Forex Factory.  Fractal dimension use   The FGDI is the fractal dimension graph indicator (slight upgrade of the FDI fractal dimension indicator). If the FGDI is lower than 1,5 lev...

    Tags: fractal dimension

    4560 days ago