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  • Weekly EUR/USD analysis: February 18- 22

    ...ly it was a good practice to make the weekly analysis starting from what happened on t...ed on recent developments this would be some fundamental news. Recently the market...t of the trend of EUR/USD. This conforms our analysis from the  last week when...

    4142 days ago

  • Weekly EUR/USD analysis: February 11 - 15

    ...and directionnal market movements on EUR/US were closely related with fundamental statements and data. One of t...ict where the correction will end. I quite agree with the weekly analysis of forexempire that on EURUSD...

    4149 days ago

  • Weekly EUR/USD analysis: February 4 - 8

    EUR/USD had a strong upward momentum last week and made a substantial 1.3 % climb hitting a 14 month high....sp; The recent market fluctuations were closely related with the fundamental releases. In the weak ahead many fundamen...

    4157 days ago

  • Weekly EUR/USD analysis

    EUR/USD is currently in a tight consolidation area between 1.3155 and 1.3310. The 1.3155 level is the support, and the 1.33 level is the resistance. We can expect for the next week a heavy fundamen...

    4190 days ago

  • Trading NLP?

    ...ook for trading application of NLP is "NLP for Traders and investors: Personal Strategies to Give You the Edge Over Those Using Just Fundamental and Technical Analysis" by Terry Carroll. From hist...

    4313 days ago

  • Neural net EA Warning by mbkernel

    ...specialized in nonlinear data analysis. In my day job I create statisti...neural network trainer & analysis program in C++ over the last few...form) is understanding of the fundamental data. What is most importa...g") with enough out of sample analysis to convince me there really i...

    4477 days ago

  • Modern technical analysis or does the Dow Theory still holds?

    ...ng lately about the technical analysis in general. I mean thinking abou...y foundation of the technical analysis the Dow Theory. For those who ar...it. If you are going to be a fundamental trader you are going to make it, I do not thing your fundamental analysis would favour taking positions...

    4574 days ago

  • Trade Stocks and Commodities with the Insiders: Secrets of the COT Report (Wiley Trading)

    ....  What really matters is not the fundamental outlook but how this fundamental information is analysysed and...nformation and its interpreations. The analysis of the COT charts allow to se...feed back, that is inexistent with the analysis alone. I think the COT data i...

    4608 days ago

  • Elliotware with ELWAVE

    ...Here I would like to show another approach trying to make a long term analysis with the Elliotware approach. He...es about Greece I really do not know hom much it may hold. I mean the fundamental situation is quite difficu...

    4613 days ago

  • Elliott Wave and market direction prediction failure

    ...d nostalgic about my first book of technical analysis where the author was promissing...makes a better prediction. I think that this analysis has something that a purely m...ng to take? Me, No thanks. This is a job for fundamental traders not me. The tradi...

    4653 days ago

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