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  • Fractal dimension indicators and their use

    ...xponent. I think that the easiest is to understand the Rescaled range analysis as a method, to understand what...ation in mathematics and I was able to understand the logic. The fundamental principle is if the time s...

    4618 days ago

  • Practical limitations in the Neural net extrapolation

    ...ple of uncertainty the technical analysis and the Elliotware approach in p...nto account the common technical analysis. I think it is true if the mo...ertainty principle states a fundamental limit on the accuracy with...is just an analogy. In technical analysis when we are closer to such a...

    4621 days ago

  • Human brain and parallel signal patterns

    ...the Elliotware but I also try another approaches as the Market State Analysis.   Using neural net models...ld be very carefull. It may be boring but I have to say. Look at your fundamental calendar, do not be surpri...

    4577 days ago

  • Fundamental articles: Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Really?

    ...e there some other particular fundamental situations as the present one...really interested by the the fundamental data like that: Forex: EUR...for me of no use. Most of the analysis are completely discretianory the...n read opinions that the same fundamental information can explain contr...

    4636 days ago