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  • The Correct Trend

    beathespread.com is almost entirely dedicated to the technical analysis and the quantitative trading strategies deriving directly from the technical analysis. However there are other ways to look at the market. And here I give you a bookmark an excellent article by Henry Liu. He is doing an exc...

    Tags: fundamental analysis, news releases

    4053 days ago

  • The EU Summit: are politicians able to affect the market at all?

    Everytime the EU leaders are uniting for a dinner expect the unexpected. Really?  It looks like the markets are scary when they see Merkel to talk to the journalists about the confidence of the market in the Euro. Come on does it make sense at all. Think for a moment! What are the bigges...

    Tags: fundamental analysis

    4374 days ago

  • Kathy Lien & Boris Schlossberg site

    This is interesting site for actual fundamental analysis. As it is impossible to read everything it is necessary to select well. I am not too much interested in their technical analysis. I do my own. But it is impossible (or maybe it is just me :) ) to make your own fundamental analysis. You can...

    Tags: fundamental analysis

    4431 days ago

  • Fundamental articles: Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Really?

    I wonder are there some other particular fundamental situations as the present one on EUR/CHF. I am interested in that kind of fundamental situation, because we may try to build up a quantitative model to profit from that particular situation.  I am not really interested by the the fundam...

    Tags: fundamental analysis

    4435 days ago

  • Fundamental articles: Post hoc ergo propter hoc?

    I really think that the fundamental articles are sources of information but I really am looking for free fundamental analysis that is using structural approach. I mean there are many fundamental variables that can be explanatory but few of them are the most important. That means it is possible to...

    Tags: fundamental analysis

    4435 days ago