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  • A Fuzzy Logic Based Trading System

    ...uzzy system is kept relatively straightforward for enhancing the interpretability of the model. The fuzzy model is optimised by using a genetic algorithm and historical data. The empi...

    3458 days ago

  • Particle Swarm Optimization

    This is very interesting article describing the Particle Swarm Optimization. There is co...klot (check this link for the EA) made his custom genetic optimization algorythm and by...Swarm Optimization is easier to implement than the Genetic.

    3603 days ago

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  • Genetic algorithm for mt4 by klot:LIN_Neuro_GA.mq4

    ...ritten by klot (the coder of SSA). However here there is a custom genetic algorithm that is used in the code and the EA does not use the MT4 native genetic algorithm. The only problem here is th...

    3603 days ago

  • Genetic quantum algorythm

    ...vel evolutionary computing method called a genetic quantum algorithm (GQA). GQA is based on the...ue to its probabilistic representation. As genetic operators, quantum gates are...results show that GQA is superior to other genetic algo- rithms using penalty func...

    3746 days ago

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  • PROTRADER http://pfsoft.com/

    PROTRADER http://pfsoft.com/

    ...#11. Two Optimization types Choose from two optimization types - genetic algorithm and particle swarm. For large...areas it’s better to use particle swarm optimization. In addition, algorithmic parameters are fully custom...

    3301 days ago


  • A Fuzzy Logic Based Trading System

    ABSTRACT: Technical analysis is sometimes used in financial markets to assist traders make buying and selling decisions.   The success of technical analysis depends on how one interprets the available signals. Integration of human expertise into available models is considered to be ess...

    Tags: Fuzzy logic, technical analysis, trading system, genetic algorithm, portfolio allocation.

    3458 days ago

  • Spinal Implant Sigm EA with Sigmoidal transfer function

    This is is the Spinal Implant Sigm EA with Sigmoidal transfer function. sigmoid sigm(x)=1/(1+exp(-x)) I can suggest you train x1, x2, x3 and x4 from -5 to 5 with step 0.5 or 1. The Neural net "learns" how to give its signals based upon evolutionary pressure provided in the native MT4 algoryt...

    Tags: Neural Network, Neural Net, unsupervised neural network, genetic algorithm

    3936 days ago