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  • Another interesting piece on HFT http://www.nanex.net/aqck2/4661.html

    3517 days ago

  • yes, I just made it only for friends. There are some people, here just for taking our work for their HFT society w/o sharing anything w/ us

    3920 days ago

  • This is fascinating, However check the explanation http://ilene.typepad.com/ourfavorites/2012/02/the-rise-of-the-hft-machines.html

    4118 days ago

  • I think Jaguar wanted to check if we can see it ;). Yes it is unbelievable HFT for 40 dollars.

    4140 days ago

  • Hi, Did you check this http://www.realtime-ea.com/indexv.html ? HFT for everybody ? unbeleivable !

    4140 days ago