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  • A new Forex god

    I think the Forex, as trading it will be the same. Stars are rising and stars...declining. Who knows where it will end the high - frequency trading. However looking in the past...tandard technical analysis methods (channel trading) and/or mathematical tools (a...

    3268 days ago

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  • Also, this article does not speak about High Frequency Trading companies

    3468 days ago


  • High Frequency Webcast

    If someone is interested and has the time a recent webinar about High Frequency Strategies. I mean it is a time sink.    

    Tags: high frequency trading

    3654 days ago


  • Comment on "BPNN with Extrapolator"

    ...take into account the common technical analysis. I think it is true if the model is base on tic data and high frequency trading there are other rules and principles. However when we go higher the technical analysis becomes...

    3655 days ago

  • Comment on "Orderflow Books"

    ...urnal, it described trades by high-frequency traders has decreased to 53% of stock-market trading volume, from 61% in 2009.[60]&n...to prevent a recurrence.[61] High-frequency traders move away from the st...posed this phantom liquidity. High-frequency trading firms are increasin...

    3647 days ago

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