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  • ZORO-TRADER Great stuff

    ...Zorro - Free Trading Automaton  Welcome to the Zorro project! The idea behind this software is simpl...others, and attack the world financial markets with a thousand different ideas and methods.

    1629 days ago

  • some excerpts of Keynes writings

    ...are the result, not so much of new ideas, as of new facts. The proble...and difficult factor. All our old ideas about the security of foreig...things, and constantly revise his ideas in accordance with changing...g of capital profits.   The ideal policy for an insurance comp...

    1846 days ago

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  • Fractal dimension patterns

    ...ors. Fractal break -out Basically the ideal price movement is in a price...the cases ). Ain't that a shit again?Anyway My idea is to get new details how to...indicator find in the code base of mql. So the idea is to measure the rate of cha...

    2854 days ago

  • Phase Space Singularities

    ...y be blown out and we can go against the trend and can be hurt. The idea is that when we have a relati...ide the market as efficient as they would like.They even may not have an idea what is going on and how thei...

    2309 days ago

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  • Virtual reality for free

    ...not practical for playing games or watching some videos on youtube. So I found a way to have 3D experience using both eyes with a mind trick. The idea is to trick the mind that a f...

    809 days ago

  • The Elliott test

    ...pto currencies. Take a look, make some counts. See if it works. Another idea is to use the Elliott test....markets. What we can call Elliott test is just another hypothesis. The idea is that the count has to be o...

    1961 days ago

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  • By the way this confirms my idea that a big part of the technical analysis stuff can be reduced to the linear regression.http://beathespread.com/videolist/watch/11429/intro-to-linear-regression

    2497 days ago

  • Every profitable trading idea has its limitations it is bound to stop working, the kernels are just tools to squeeze the idea.

    2679 days ago


  • Intro to Linear Regression

    ...hin Metatrader and are a part of some very popular templates of indicators. Consider also the Andrew's Pitchfork (linear regression again). So the idea here is to see that what may...

    2649 days ago


  • stochastic volatility

    stochastic volatility

    ...ng certain levels. This "opposite move" isĀ  a kind of contraction/expansion of the trend that is surely automated and predicted by some bigs. The idea is to cut off this "opposite...

    1877 days ago

  • Which is the best algorithm for PFE ?

    Which is the best algorithm for PFE ?

    Hi I was awaken several nights ago, by this idea. The PFE algorithm needed to be refined, bcoz it was wrong So, I created a bunch of testing of several algorithm, one, from Hans Hu...

    2443 days ago

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  • A great idea from Gary.

       //- A great idea from Gary.    //~ A simpler way to control these runaway trades is to enter only on a state change instead of a state.   //~ E.g. if you say "buy if I'm currently flat and bid > X," that opens the trade OK.  But if some condition causes yo...

    Tags: idea

    2538 days ago