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  • Delicate Levels

    ...me will attck you if you don't give out your indicator. What you don't understand is...in this thread I am not going to give you an indicator. But, I am going to show you...ntal. On the pictures, posted below, are two indicators. One orange and the other wh...

    2968 days ago

  • CCI on SSA End Pointed Indicator

    I would like to show you my modification of CCI indicator - this one get as source values SSA end-pointed and...ws end of trend. It can be probably used as filter or exit signal. indicator file: Needs SSA end-pointed...

    3164 days ago

  • Rainwoods Tick Chart Indicator and free trial

    ...art.com/freetrial.htm I you want to buy the indicator : http://www.rwtickchart.com/...;or  7 EUR You will be able to use the indicator for 30 days. After 30 days yo...p;or  31 EUR Use RainWood's Tick Chart indicator for 365 days then decide if y...

    3253 days ago

  • Tension Market indicator

    Hi Prizm shows me a very interesting indicator. Victor sends me a very interesting link  https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=forums&srcid=MTI4NDcyNzUzNDYwMDc4NTI0OTYBMTU5NjI2NDMwMDgwNTY0NDk3MDgBMlhXak10SmMzYmNKATEBAXYy and jcpar, wrote me "Write this indicator !" . Is it a joke ?

    3325 days ago

  • MT4 is not a reliable platform

    ...unched an EA working w/  a Dll including inside several indicators like the Digital Filter indicator, the robot was running fine...bar (bar =0) for the EA, and also, some weird values on the indicators running (the IFTRSI_HP) and...

    3373 days ago

  • The massive extinction of technical indicators

    ...The Mass Extinction of Technical Indicators? The answer to this exction...ion seems to be to use technical indicators in other ways. The key words...he question is: How a technical indicator becomes predictive? Technica...ts may also be another technical indicators or may be just BUY and SELL...

    3373 days ago

  • SWFX Sentiment Index

    ...overs. If the strategy gives a BUY signal on EURUSD and the sentiment indicators for EURUSD and EUR are overb...tion. If the strategy gives a SELL signal on GBPUSD and the sentiment indicator for GBPUSD and GBP are overbo...

    3377 days ago

  • someone "codebreaker" wrote this and it's pertinent

    ...the other.#5 : Use the "Radar Clutter Filter" like a "Trend Strength" indicator to disallow the trading in ra...ers crossover determines the trading signals which the "trading range indicator" must approves.#7 : Run the s...

    3409 days ago

  • Price action and technical indicators

    The price bar is an indicator, it is wrong to separate the price bars from the indicators.   A price bar is sam...n,High,Low,Close. This is an indicator per se. The Japanese&nbs...public forums screens full of indicators, which settings are changing...

    3462 days ago

  • New Smooth CCI mod

    ...00. I thing you understand much better this indicator now. However this time we ca...her CCI without adding any complexity to the indicator.   От Indi...possibility, that can be used for derivative indicators and trading systems like her...

    3471 days ago

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