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  • fuzzylite at https://code.google.com/p/fuzzylite/

    fuzzylite at https://code.google.com/p/fuzzylite/

    This website https://code.google.com/p/fuzzylite/ is dedicated for fuzzy logic We are glad to have in our member jcrada, the author of this website.  Each indicator can promote a rule and ipso facto , a logic  

    3569 days ago

  • Bias, Setup, Trigger

    Bias, Setup, Trigger

    Sharing insights and experience from trading and indicator/systems development with the goal of benefitting both.

    3676 days ago

  • CCI Break out

    CCI Break out

    ..., P, Dow and Russell.We try to choose the ups and downs with a simple indicator and then use price action to...ot aTrend following method but this is a good method that works. The indicator we use is the Commodity Chann...

    3743 days ago

  • Which is the best algorithm for PFE ?

    Which is the best algorithm for PFE ?

    ...Indicates an upward Trend",WriteIf(pfe>-10 AND pfeRef(pfe,-1),"\n The Indicator is currently Rising which indicates a strengthening Up Trend or weakening Down Trend", "\n The indicator is currently falling which i...

    3758 days ago

  • Indicator mods

    Indicator mods

    Here I will share some indicator mods. If you do not know where to share a particular indicator share here. The mods are not necessarily substantial....even a minor mod would and will change considerably the indicator. What I will try here is to...

    3949 days ago

  • EA_TickWare


    ...spread is against us. I investigate on a list of Tick indicators, the first job consists to select the bunch of Tick indicators, that will shows trend, conf...00 datas,for 5minutes, 1500 values. At this stage, an indicator to select datas for a correct...

    3191 days ago

  • History's Hidden Engine

    History's Hidden Engine

    Financial Market Analysts have studied the "hemline indicator" for decades. Yet there's an even deeper connection between short skirts, fashion trends and the economy's financial healt...

    4152 days ago

  • Price action and pattern trading with statistic edge

    Price action and pattern trading with statistic edge

    ...are my research on price action. Something easier. Well there are some people that oppose price action reading to indicators but I am not one of them. For me the bar charts are indicators as any other indicators. Yes...

    4091 days ago